What about zoning?
The Zoning Ordinance of Columbia County regulates residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural development within the county. The City of Dayton has its own Zoning Ordinance as well. In an attempt to maintain the design and character of your neighborhood, the codes impose certain regulations about where you can build on your property and how big your house may be. The codes contain provisions and limitations on proposed development, such as:
• Allowed, conditional use and accessory land uses
• Allowed density of areas and development intensity of properties.
• Minimum (or maximum) lot sizes and lot dimensions
• Building setbacks from easements and property lines
• Maximum lot coverage or floor area ratio requirements
• Height limitations of structures

Although building permits are not required for some projects, planning staff approval may be necessary.

Please contact the Planning staff at (509) 382-4676 for the specific provisions of your property or visit us at:
Columbia County Planning and Building
114 S. 2nd street
Dayton WA, 99328
Columbia County Code

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