Columbia County Sheriff's Office

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is located in the ground floor of the Columbia County Courthouse. The front desk (Civil Office) is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed for the noon hour.

As of March of 2023, Columbia County Sheriff's Office has closed our jail.  Inmates are now being transported and held in the Walla Walla County Corrections facility.

For information pertaining to an inmate, please contact Walla Walla County Corrections at 509 524-5430, or an Inmate Search can be found on their website through this link: Walla Walla County Corrections

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GovPayNet The Simple Way to Pay

Make Payments Simply.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office now accepts credit and debit card payments through GovPayNet. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit or prepaid debit card, including:

Cards accepted by GovPayNet include MasterCard Visa American Express Discover Debit Cards

Payments can be made for all civil services.

*Note: Credit/Debit card payments for Concealed Pistol Licenses, fingerprinting, photocopies or payment of civil process fees must be transacted in person at the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

GovPayNet is a privately contracted credit and debit card processor under an agreement with the agency intended to receive payment. If the GovPayNet payment is bail or bail related, GovPayNet is the merchant of record, providing a remote cash bail processing service. For all other payments, the collecting agency is the merchant. If you have any questions about GovPayNet's role, please discuss them with the contracting agency.