About Us

Our Mission

Our goal at Columbia County Public Health is to protect and promote the health and safety of each resident in Columbia County. Columbia County Public Health Department provides health-related information, addresses public health concerns, partners with the State of Washington and the National Public Health Network to provide up-to-date information to our community. Columbia County Public Health works to empower people to develop and strengthen a healthy, safe, and resilient community.

Columbia County Public Health Leads the community through education and evidence-based practices to prevent illness, promote health, and protect the environment to improve the quality of life in our communities.

We are honest, trustworthy and transparent in all we do. We strive to do the right thing to achieve the best community health outcomes.

We value the unique contributions of our employees and partners to promote health equity. We develop positive relationships, foster innovative solutions, and strengthen our capacity to accomplish our mission.

We uphold a standard of conduct that recognizes and values the diversity and contributions of all. We foster a working environment in which listening to and understanding our differences is encouraged and confidences are protected.

We use the best scientific data and methods available to guide our policies and actions to promote healthy living. We rely on the objective facts of evidence-based science to build a strong foundation to address health needs and concerns.

We are effective and efficient managers of the public trust and public funds, and hold ourselves and others to appropriate high standards. We operate with open communication, transparency, timeliness, and continuous quality improvement.

Meet the Team

Delphine Bailey

Delphine Bailey

WIC, Insurance Navigator, Basic Food, Emergency Preparedness, Community Health Worker

Since she began working at Columbia County Public Health in 2006, Delphine has been involved with many programs. Currently, she oversees our WIC programs and activities. Delphine is registered as a Washington State Health Benefit Exchange navigator that assists clients in the enrollment process for health insurance. She also has the ability to assist clients with Basic Food applications and renewals. Delphine is also responsible for emergency preparedness and response for Columbia County Public Health. Delphine is a certified Community Health Worker in the State of Washington.

To Contact Delphine Call: 509-382-3952

Jasmin Helm

Program Coordinator, Marijuana & Tobacco Prevention, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Coalition Coordinator for Coalition for Youth and Families (CPWI)

Jasmine joined Columbia County Public Health in 2022 and has been focused on the education and prevention of marijuana, tobacco, and e-cigarette use. In the spring of 2019, our Community Health Assessment was made public, and Jasmin has been focused on informing the community on the strengths and weaknesses of our health as a whole. In order to inform the public on programs, Public Health offers, Jasmin utilizes social media, local newspapers, billboards, and presents to community groups. Jasmin has become certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician and Community Health Worker.

To Contact Jasmin Call: 509-382-3950

Estasia Collins

Estasia Collins, LPN

Public Health Nurse, Maternal Child Health, Children with Special Health Care Needs,  ABCD Dental, 

Since the fall of 2018, Estasia has been helping community members of all ages. Estasia helps retrieve immunization records and educate those with vaccination questions. She facilitates blood pressure screenings and helps out frequently at the senior center. Estasia has taken the Children With Special Health Care Needs program under her wing and attends as many support groups as she can. She believes all children and families are worth investing in, and no one should ever feel like they are alone.

To Contact Estasia Call: 509-382-3951

JanJan Strohbehn

Program Coordinator

To Contact Jan Call: 509-382-3957