Community Emergency Planning Documents

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan -- CEMP

(PDF) Columbia County Emergency Management sincerely appreciates the cooperation and support from those agencies that have contributed to the development of the Columbia County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). The CEMP establishes the framework for an effective system to ensure that Columbia County and its municipalities will be adequately prepared to respond to an occurrence of natural, manmade and/or technological related emergencies or disasters. The plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of local government, State and Federal agencies and volunteer organizations.

The CEMP unites the efforts of these groups in the basic plan, appendices, and more specifically under the Emergency Support Function (ESF) and Annex formats with a designated lead agency for a comprehensive approach to mitigation, planning, response and recovery activities set forth in the "State of Washington Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan" and the "National Response Framework (NRF)." It describes how State, Federal and other outside resources will be coordinated to supplement county resources and emergency response efforts.

This CEMP is developed at the local level of emergency management planning due to the fact that most incidents are managed at the local level before any outside assistance can be expected. Due to the expectations to manage incidents locally for at least the first 72 hours, it is imperative that we mitigate our risk and prepare for current and future hazards. Preparedness is a shared responsibility; it calls for the involvement of everyone, a whole community approach. By working together everyone can help keep Columbia County safe and resilient when emergencies or natural disasters occur.

The following materials compose the draft Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for Columbia County, Washington posted for public review and comment prior to final adoption. We appreciate and look forward to your input!

For information or to provide comments, please email Ashley Strickland.

Columbia County CEMP - Basic Plan (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 01 Transportation (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 02 Communications (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 03 Public Works and Engineering (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 04 Fire-Fighting (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 05 Emergency Management (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 06 Mass Care, Housing, and Human Services (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 07 Emergency Resource Support (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 08 Public Health and Medical Services (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 09 Search and Rescue (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 10 Oil and Hazardous Materials (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 11 Agriculture and Natural Resources (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 12 Energy (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 13 Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Security (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 14 Long-Term Community Recovery (PDF)

Emergency Support Function - 15 Public Affairs (PDF)

Annex A - Evacuation (PDF)

Annex B - Bus Mobilization (PDF)

Annex C - Mass Casualty (PDF)

Final Draft of the Columbia County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (PDF) is available. (Pending adoption by Columbia County, the City of Dayton, and the Town of Starbuck).