Passport Information

Passport Acceptance Hours: 

9:00 am to 11:30 am & 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

*We do not process passports on Wednesdays

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Passport Fee Schedule

Type of Passport ServicePassport Fee
*Check or Money Order only*
Clerk Processing Fee
*Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit Card only*
Total Fees per Application
Passport book for an adult age 16 or older, DS-11$130.00$35.00$165.00
Passport Book for a child age 15 or younger, DS-11$100.00$35.00$135.00
Expedited service charge per application (only applies to passport book at this time)$60.00None$60.00
Renewal for adult expired passport but issued date is less than 15 years ago, DS-82$130.00Processed by applicant. See instructions on application.$130.00
Renewal for adult expired passport and issued date is more than 15 years ago, DS-11$130.00$35.00$165.00
Passport Card Age 16 and over, DS-11$30.00$35.00$65.00
Passport Card Age 15 and under, DS-11$15.00$35.00$50.00
Renewal Passport Card by Mail, Age 16 and over, DS-82$30.00Processed by applicant. See instructions on application.$30.00
Renewal Passport Card Age 15 and under, DS-82$15.00$35.00$50.00

Two-Parent Consent Age Change (effective February 1, 2008) New requirement: Two parent consent required for minors under the age of 16

Children under the age of 16, who apply for the Passport Card, must use the DS-11 form and pay the $35 execution Fee even if they already have a fully valid Passport book.

You will need to provide the following to the clerk:

  • The passport fee must be check or money order payable to Department of State.
  • Processing fee must be cash, credit/debit card, check, or money order payable to the Columbia County Clerk. If using a credit/debit card a processing fee may apply.
  • Proof of US citizenship. (a certified copy of birth certificate, Naturalization Certificate, or previous passport)
  • Completed but unsigned passport application form. Forms are available on the Internet at U.S. Department of State - Passport Application Forms, Clerk's Office, or travel agencies.
  • One passport photo which must meet federal requirements.
  • Picture identification.
  • Children must appear in person. If renewing a child's passport (under age 16) you must submit the current passport as well as a certified copy of the birth certificate.

Additional special requirements for children under age 16

This reference sheet is to assist with the routine application process. It is not all inclusive of all requirements necessary for special circumstances. You should refer to Department of State website for complete details.