New Washington Resident

If you are new to the State of Washington you are required to license your vehicle within 30 days of becoming a Washington resident.

The following Documentation is required

Out of state title, if you have a lien holder who is holding your title you will need to provide a clear copy or a fax copy of the title.

Federal Odometer Statement if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.

Weight slip for all vehicles unless the scale, or shipping weight is shown on the title or in vehicle manual.

New residents of Washington are exempt from use tax on private or personal use vehicles operated for at least 90 days before entering Washington. Vehicles owned less than 90 days will need to provide proof of sales tax paid. This exemption does not apply to Boats, motor homes, trailers, other recreational vehicles and equipment, or commercial vehicles. 

If you have a Leased Vehicle 

Please contact your local licensing agent by phone or in person at: 509-382-4541 or 341 E Main.