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Emergency Alert
Columbia County
341 E. Main St.
Dayton, WA 99328


COVID-19 Testing:
Recovered ........14
*Out of County....7 (recovered)

*Out of County....0



Long term care/accredited residential treatment center pending test results have been excluded from report until rest results are confirmed.

 Numbers may change to reflect data presented in the Washington State Assessment Dashboard.

*An individual who was tested in Columbia County, but resides out of county.

Any new test results will no longer be announced with a press release. Please check website or Facebook page for updated information. 

Columbia County Public Health is here for you during COVID-19. We strive to be a local resource for information and recommendations to keep our Columbia County communities healthy during this time. 

Columbia County Public Health has opened our doors to the public and are asking that you wear a mask when you come in for services and keep 6 feet of physical distancing to protect our staff and those in our lobby area. 

If you are not feeling well or prefer not to come into the office we will continue to serve your needs through web based services, phone or email. 

Phase III in Columbia County

The governor’s office will provide industry-specific guidance and safety criteria for businesses listed in each phase of the plan. Business activities are not authorized to open until a business is able to meet all safety criteria. Guidance documents will be added here as they become available.

Workplace safety and health complaints may be submitted to the L&I Call Center: (800)423-7233.

General questions from employers about the Safe Start plan can be directed to the state’s Business Response Center.

Additional workplace safety guidance is available on our Business & Workers page. Visit our What’s Open page for more information about which personal, recreational and spiritual activities are allowed.

Phase I, II and III Business Activity Guidelines

Columbia County Phase III Business Recommendations & Guidelines

These are only guidelines to consider for reopening your business in Phase III. You CAN NOT open your business until Phase III guidelines are posted on the WA State Governors website AND you can comply with those guidelines. 


What should I do if I think I have COVID-19 or was exposed to COVID-19? Can I get tested for COVID-19?

If you or someone you know wants to get tested for COVID-19 please contact your healthcare provider. If you have questions, please call Columbia County Health Systems at (509)382-2531. Columbia County Public Health does not provide COVID-19 testing and does not need to approve testing for COVID-19. All tests are reported to Columbia County Public Health and each patient is contacted by our Public Health nurses. Testing should come at no cost to the patient, whether they have insurance or not. 

Steps to get at COVID-19 test
If you are feeling symptomatic (link) and believe you need a COVID-19 test, follow the steps below:

  1. Call your healthcare provider, if you do not have one, please view list below.
  2. Go to the location provided by your healthcare provider to get your test.
  3. On arrival, call the number provided to you by your healthcare provider, and stay in your vehicle. 
  4. After testing, if you have not already been contacted by a Public Health, please call (509)382-2181 and ask for a nurse.
  5. Columbia County Public Health will monitor your conditions daily until *test result are given. 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and you need emergency medical attention, please notify the 911 dispatcher that you have have tested positive for COVID-19. 

*Test results take on average 1-4 business days to be processed. 

Isolation vs. Quarantine

is a public health practice used to separate a person who is ill with a communicable disease from people who are healthy.

  • For example, hospitals isolate patients with infectious tuberculosis.
  • Isolation allows for the focused delivery of specialized health care to people who are ill.
  • It can protect uninfected people from being exposed.

 is a public health practice to separate the movements of people who are well but have been exposed to a communicable disease.

  • For example, facilities may be set up for exposed individuals to stay until it’s clear they are healthy and are not at risk of spreading the virus.
  • If a person begins to develop symptoms of an illness, they must immediately be moved to isolation.

The key difference between isolation and quarantine is that isolation is for people who ARE sick. Quarantine is for people who may have been exposed to a disease but are NOT currently sick. Sick persons must not be kept alongside those who are not sick, regardless of their exposure status.

What if someone doesn't have a safe place to isolate or quarantine themselves? 

  • Please contact Public Health at (509)382-2181 if you or someone you know does not have a safe place to isolate or quarantine.

Contact Tracing

What happens during contact investigation and contact tracing? How will I know if I was exposed to a confirmed case? 

When we receive notification of a confirmed case of COVID-19, we begin our contact investigation process.

We work with the patient and/or their representative to understand (1) where and how they may have been infected and (2) who they may have exposed while they were contagious.

We will ask the patient for the names and contact information for people that they had close contact with. We will also ask the patient where they went, including any time spent out in public places.

We notify everyone who had close contact with the patient and we ask them to monitor themselves for symptoms.

The contact investigation process may take a few hours or a few days to complete, depending on how many close contacts the patient had.

Columbia County Health Care Providers List
Columbia Family Clinic Providers
  • Dr. Terry, MD
  • Dr. Park, MD
  • Dr. Frauenpreis, MD
  • Dawn Meicher, ARNP
  • Kim Emery, ARNP
  • Kortney Killgore-Smith, ARNP
  • Jennifer Burnett, ARNP

Hours of Operation: 

  • Monday 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm.
  • Please note that the clinic opens at 9:00am on Wednesday due to our weekly staff meeting.

Location: 1012 S. 3rd Street, Dayton, WA 99328.
Phone: (509)382-3200
Emergency Room: (509)382-2531
Emergency: 911

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