I accidentally called 911, am I in trouble?
NO! Absolutely not. It happens. But if you do accidentally call 911 DON'T HANG UP. Stay on the phone and let 911 know that it was an accidental call. If you do hang up we will call you back to make sure there is truly no emergency. Don't be embarrassed! This happens quite a bit at 911 centers around the country and we only want to be sure you are safe and not in need of any assistance.
There are ways to be sure that you don't accidentally dial 911. Always keep your phone locked, especially when it is in your pocket or purse. Many of the accidental calls to 911 are the results of a phone that was in a pocket or a bag and the phone was not locked. DO NOT add 911 to your speed dial list. Also, don't let your kids play with your phone.
But if you or your child accidentally dials 911 please just stay on the phone. We only want to know that you and yours are safe and sound.

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