Risk Management

The Columbia County Prosecuting Attorney also currently serves as Risk Manager for the County. As Risk Manager, we obtain and maintain the County's liability and other insurance, receive reports of on-the-job injuries and accidents, perform intake on tort claims against the County, and the Prosecuting Attorney is a member of the County's safety committee. 

Currently, Columbia County is insured by the Washington Rural Counties Insurance Program through Obenland and Low insurance agents.

Tort Claims

Pursuant to RCW 4.96.020, any party having a claim of tortious conduct by Columbia County must first submit their claims in writing on the Standard Tort Claims Form prior to filing a lawsuit against the County. The statute of limitations on the claims will toll for a period of 60 days. During that time the Risk Manager and the County's insurers will review and evaluate the claim and deny it or make an offer to settle prior to litigation.