Food Worker Card

Easy to Get Food Worker Card Permit!

Person serving food in bowlsFood Worker Card Testing Kiosk Available At Columbia County Public Health!

Our local Public Health Department offers group food worker card training and administers online testing. The only authorized online training program is the Washington State Food Worker Course. Other websites that appear to offer a similar card online are not valid in Washington.

Once you have a food worker card, we recommend that you keep the original and provide a copy to your employer.

Trouble with the online training, test, or printing of the card? See the online food worker card frequently asked questions or contact the Columbia County Public Health at 509-382-2181.

Frequently Asked Questions

People preparing foodWashington State requires that all food workers have food safety training before handling food served to the public. Food workers who take a food safety training class and pass the State of Washington exam on food safety basics are issued a Food Worker Card (also called a Food Handler Permit).

Am I a food worker?

You are a food worker if you work with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or with any surface where people put unwrapped food.

Do I need to get a food worker card?

Yes. All food workers are required (Chapter 246-217 WAC) to have a valid food worker card to work in Washington. It's important that your card, or a copy of it, is with you at work and available for the health department to check during a food inspection.

Can I start work before I get my card?

Yes, you can work for up to 14 days before you get your card – if you get food safety training from your employer.

Where can I get a food worker card?

Local health departments offer the food worker training, test, and card. Your card is valid throughout the state.

For more frequently asked questions, visit the Washington Department of Health website!