County Road Regulations & Information

Columbia County Public Works: 509.382.2534

This information is provided as a courtesy; actual documents are on file at the Columbia County Public Works office.

Columbia County Road Standards (PDF)

Tucannon Road is limited to 4 tons per axle. Haul permits are required. Please contact the Public Works office for more information and to get permits.

Columbia County Winter Road Closures:
There are currently no roads closed due to winter weather.

Columbia County Emergency Road Closures Due to Winter Weather:

Snow Plowing Policy:
Snow Plowing Policy (PDF)

Columbia County Emergency Road Closures Due to Flooding:

This list of road closures will be updated as soon as information becomes available. Please be aware that some of the roads listed here will remain closed for an extended period of time.

Pettyjohn Grade Road
S. Patit Road: at mile post 4.5

Columbia County Roads with Load Restrictions:

Hartsock Grade Road
Hatley Gulch Road
Tucannon Road

Road Load Restriction Regulations (PDF)
Practical Applications for Load Restrictions (PDF)
Details on Bridge Load Restrictions (PDF)
Resolution Regarding Load Restrictions (PDF)


Permit to Exceed Special Road Restrictions (PDF)

ORV Resolution 2010-12

ORV use on Columbia County Roads (PDF)